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What to do when ABS dash light flashes in Holden Commodore

ABS Modules are now commonly installed in many vehicles, including the popular VT to VY Commodores. However, drivers of these Commodore models often encounter issues such as intermittent or persistent dashboard warning lights, including ABS, Trac-off, Airbag, and Oil lights. Additionally, both cooling fans may remain on, accompanied by a dash cluster warning chime, an X in the climate control panel, and a malfunctioning left-hand dash digital display. These problems can typically be attributed to a faulty ABS/Traction Control module.

A simple way to diagnose a failed ABS module is to disconnect the ABS connector and attempt to read data from other modules using a scan tool. If fault codes and serial data can be accessed, and the airbag and oil lights are not illuminated while the ABS and Trac-off lights are, then it is likely that the ABS module is the culprit. To address this issue, Injectronics offer a range of remanufactured exchange ABS modules specifically designed for the Holden Commodore VT, VX, and VY models.

It is important to note that while different vehicles may share the same Solenoid/Pump/Valve body assembly part number, the ABS modules themselves have different part numbers printed on their housing. Although visually similar and compatible, it is crucial to install the correct ABS module with the corresponding part number. Each ABS module is programmed specifically for the vehicle it is intended for, considering factors such as the vehicle type (e.g., wagon or sedan) and the engine variant (e.g., V6 or V8).

When contacting an Injectronics for an ABS module, always provide the part number found on the ABS module housing rather than the part number on the Solenoid/Pump/Valve body assembly. This ensures that you receive the correct ABS module for your vehicle. If your required unit is not in stock, the reseller can arrange for a unit from Injectronics' extensive range. Injectronics stocks ABS modules for various vehicle makes, including GMH, Ford, Mitsubishi, Volvo, BMW, Saab, Audi, VW, and Mercedes-Benz. Additionally, the reseller can facilitate prompt testing and repair of your module by Injectronics.

When sending an ABS Module to Injectronics for repair or testing, it is not necessary to include the Solenoid/Pump/Valve body assembly. Therefore, there is no need to disconnect the brake lines or bleed the brake system. Injectronics can conduct isolated testing of the ABS Module using their Virtual Automotive Simulator (VAS). The VAS enables a comprehensive diagnostic check of the ABS modules, ensuring that the remanufacturing process complies with Injectronics' ISO 9001 standards.

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