Ford Falcon BA / Territory SX series

Ford Falcon BA / Territory SX series

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Ford Falcon BA / Territory SX series - Forced throttle shut down

Posted by Nicole Dwyer on 24 July 2019

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Falcon BA 2002-2005 /  Territory SX 2004-2005

Engine 4.0L

Year 2002-2005

Injectronics receive numerous technical enquiries regarding the Falcon / Territory vehicles listed above.  A common complaint being the vehicle is going into guard mode (force throttle shut down).  

The Ford Falcon BA / Territory series 4.0L will go into guard mode under extreme driving conditions.  This can also occur during engine testing when the tester is over revving the vehicle whilst in park or neutral.  Guard mode is commonly caused by either excessive engine speed or vehicle road speed.  Code P1270 is normally stored in the PCM.  The PCM reduces the throttle opening control and disables the injectors, this is a normal function of the PCM under these conditions.

However, Injectronics has received these PCM’s for testing when they are exhibiting these faults under normal driving conditions.  This can occur at any time while driving.  Most commonly the technician would replace the TPS / throttle body and / or pedal assembly (APPS) and checking the associated wiring.  Leaving the PCM as the last option.

Injectronics can provide customers with a complete PCM test to determine if the PCM is at fault when the above conditions are being experienced.  The PCM is all that is required to enable testing.  If a replacement PCM is required, Injectronics can program the replacement unit with the latest software and the same variant coding as the customers original PCM.

The variant programming includes, VIN, tyre size, axle ratio, non-ABS or the type of ABS system fitted and whether the vehicle has cruise control.  Alternatively Injectronics can also repair the customer’s original unit for this particular fault as well as other faults mentioned on our website, avoiding any additional programming fees.

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